Friday, September 4, 2009

pursuit excellence

Come on nizam!! It's a tests week, don't sit there and just watching the laptop screen without a blink of an eye..Come on brain cells, work and work more. Maybe the electricity just don't get pumped to flow in my nerve cells to move my muscle and brain to act and think. Accusation on a non-moralized ethic of studying just can't boost up my intention to focus to my books. Thought to have insufficient interest on the current subject learning might invade half of my brain to rest and sleep more. Well, I might have to start something new. New to me, new to everyone, and new to the whole wide world. How about one question of quizzes for each bite of food? That might pay me attention to study? Well it might be.

  • Open the book and lecture notes while the other hand shisha-ing? That's odd..
  • How about reading the article on soft phyllosilicate of unstable clay mineral (montmorillonite) while eating sushi? Wow, that's hmm, a bit over as i say?
  • Oh, oh can I drive while practising myself, well practically remembering the equation on open flow channel of hydraulics? I might hit the red light on that one...

Tomorrow will be a Geotechnical Engineering test that covers

  • Soil in engineering
  • Origin formation of soil
  • Soil grading classification
  • Soil index properties (coarse-grained soil)
  • Soil index properties (fine-grained soil)
  • Weight volume relationship
but do i need to cover all this? by reading the pathetic fully alphabetic-wording slide of notes?
nah, will NOT though..I'll just stick it up with straight 3 semester, either alphabetic or numerical, twins and absolutely the same test question used all over again. This semester might be the same question again.. hehe. Thank god, bless me..

Off to study now :)

peace brother

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