Wednesday, September 2, 2009

euphoria in vain

Gloomy day as it is even when the clouds are white and the skies are blue. The mist of fear and shivering as a matter of the influence of examination coming near. What on earth am i still doing? while others struggles, reckoning the days of war. I'm still sitting on this cramped seat, commencing the will of boredom. Surfing the internet, facebook, the only that I'm watching at besides taking action of email alert. Day by day, the surroundings stifles my effort to study hard. I couldn't agree more the technology sure do bring along harm besides the advantage of living. Dwelling and lingering me over to the delusive world of hope.The whispers of success softly, challenging me to survive the obstacles.

  • Tired of being such a lazy ass, sleeping all the while, which i don't really meant to of course :P
  • Come and help me stand up to join the force to the upper life.
  • See whats in front and bring along the past as a supply of an outlandish wisdom of fortune.
  • Rebuild up the the collapsed wall of effort towards target.
  • List the wishlist of things that burgeoning flying colors.

But do realize, life is temporary
All out is the best word for you. You can do it nizam!!

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