Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i wonder why..

what does it mean to me??

I wonder why..why is it this sport that i chose for me to focus on? Well, I'll tell you more. I started play basketball since in secondary school, playing, training, dribbling, turning etc.. I started to join tournaments after a year which was I'm in form 2.. the biggest achievement was entering final game in PPM center zone and ended second place. I went through national level in year 2006..but I didn't focus only in basketball, that's why I suck at improving my skills.. I joined rugby and soccer a while. A big achievement in sports that i involved with a big different of style of playing. Could be harsh play of rugby as in playing basketball and as well as the other way round..but i pretty much in focusing in basketball now. Maybe i just need to keep myself away from getting shorter? I do differ in my height since I involved in rugby.. So, I guess that's just it. I'm on with basketball :P

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