Sunday, September 6, 2009

ipoh mali....


Dum dee dum dum

What a lovely Saturday it was yesterday but what makes it mundane was the coq class at 10am. I woke up early and went Akmal's room to ask him to go around Ipoh for some shopping. Oh well, my scholar had been given and it's my time of revenge since been a year, NO shopping.

"Hey Akmal, let's go to Ipoh"
with morning face, "Yeah, sure sure", Akmal said,
"But i got a coq to attend, better move in the evening? I'll buy u break fasting in Old Town.", I smiled.
"Yeah, you better be sure about that. Now go to coq", he continued sleeping.

Wow, I really am going to Ipoh for shopping. I just can't wait the boring lecture of ENTREPRENEURSHIP I finished. At the middle of the lecture, I went to Block O to 'steal' newspaper and there i got New Straits times and The Star. Both headlines was about the MCA president who were accused of corruption in the Port Klang Free Zone project (PKFZ). The police also had freeze the Kuala Dimensi assets which hold the RM140M accounts crucial to probe into PKFZ scandal. Did i read a lot about politicians? Nah, never really interested in politics which made me sick. I just turned the paper from front to the back and to the delight news of sports which entertains me more. 'World Cup Qualifiers'.

My watch shows that it's already 12pm. Then I went back to Akmal's room and asked,

"Are we really going this evening?",
"Oh cannot la, i got some business till night", explaining.

Pfft, I knew it. I don't bother about that. He never misses meeting his girlfriend for a date. Oh damn! I want to go shopping! I need to buy some new pants and shirts, basketball shoes and many more but I don't have transport. And I walked in front of Amar's room and yelled, "Amar, let's go to Ipoh! Akmal cancelled." Disturbance to the hallway of my house made Amar can't focus to his Nur Kasih telemovie. Hahaha :P

And off we were to Ipoh. (Amar, me, Borhan and Tengku Aiman.)

First destination: Ipoh Parade

There I bought my first basketball shoe from the Adidas store on the ground floor. Without hesitation, I just asked for UK size 9 for the first shoe I saw. Comfortable with it and bought it for RM199.90. Next, walking and walking and then I saw a glass kiosk. And there I bought a RM33 spectacles just to make a new appearance in class hehe. Not enough with the same floor, I continued to the next. And there I saw the F.O.S store, where I bought my new belt. The old ones already torn up. New belt, RM 24.60. Next is the highest floor, the Heaven of Clothes. There I bought some clothes ended losing my money for RM83.

Total money spent: RM340.50

Second destination: Electric store

We were searching for non-induction hot plate. It was far away from easy to find in any store now eventhough it only cost below than RM100. Because of it's old school product so, there should be only few in Malaysia. That's what we thought.

Total money spent: RM0

Third destination
: Jusco

And there I saw a SALE in SODA. I went in and saw a black SODA jeans. Interested with it and bought it for RM59.50. That totals up RM400 just only for me and the other of my friends? RM15++ hahaha.. I sure need to buy new wallet, my money is flowing like water. Hahaha. Then Amar bought us one variety bucket from KFC for break fasting
. As we were walking in the Jusco we found the local KHIND brand of hot plate. We were very happy, at last we found it.

And off we head back to UTP

Bye..bye Ipoh.....

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