Friday, October 17, 2008

second time!!

it was thursday morning, the day i don't have any class after the dawn until the clock struct 12 o'clock.. but there was a talk held in the chancellor hall..i wonder what could it be and who will present the talk..well as always, each year he will, Tun Dr. Mahathir. well i woke up at 8am, went for a shower, putting my clothes on, starting my bike, and went off to the talk. At the same time, The EDX(engineering design exhibition) was there since wednesday.. looking odd, the event was not much happening as much as the past..

we walked, and walked (me and fauzan)...

looking around..


farahin and papoki offering us Vico drink, (well it's ok, we'll take other one)

we went into the chancellor hall first to hear the talk,

but, woah!! massive people!!

for the first time i saw the hall was full, and some of them sitting on the stairs..

well, we still want to hear the talk so we sat near the elevator looking the x-prime minister from far away..

certainly, we're not fully hearing what he gonna say, but we're waiting for the Q&A session..

it's much more interesting to acknowledge the essence of information..

yep3 we sure had another class after that starting at 1 till 5.. damn!! i'm tired and sick being everywhere.

at 5pm..,

DE class dismissed, fuuh!! luckily there was no quiz, i was hell scared, wasn't preparing for any of it..i started my was raining alright..i was near to a junction, taking a good cornering when there was no car but only pedestrian..i hit my brakes to have a low knee-road cornering..but then.........


(well, of course my bike doesn't explode, whose gonna write this blog)
( did not know how to describe the sound)

i fell off from my helmet went off, dangerous one!!
i only had my arms to cover my head!
arghh!! my arms bleeds, and i think i broke my leg and bones.. i cant bend it..aiyaa!!
my ribs fractured..
my pants torn a bit..
luckily, i am still ALIVE.. for god sake!!
i walked to my room few feet away..
cleaning my wound.. it hurts

well it was my second time..

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