Saturday, October 18, 2008

the basics

Watch for The Basics(myspace) and add them if you want..

  • Genre: Rock
  • Dapper grey suits and neat hair cuts(obvious nod to the early Beatles)
  • Perform upbeat guitar pop inspired by the early 60's, complete with three-part harmonies, Love Me Do lyrics and lanky gusto.
  • They are promoting their coming debut album June this year, Stand Out/Fit in, with a tri-state tour sees them playing Surry Hill's Hopetoun Hotel, the Troubadour in Brisbane and Melbourne's Athanaeum.
  • Bassists-Kris Schroeder, singer-songwriter and drummer-Wally de Backer
  • Like Drawing Blood, under Gotye's name become one of the most critically acclaimed Australian albums of 2006.
  • The first Gotye record(2003's broadface) sold a modest thousand copies.
  • Second album Like Drawing Blood won the Australian Independant Record Labels Association award for most outstanding new independant artist and the Australian Music Prize award for outstanding potential, as well as being voted by Triple J listeners as their favourite album last year.
  • sonically, the Basics are far away from the sampled and atmosferic Gotye. Their only common ground is de Backer's ear for a pop hook and his supremely elastic vocal cords.
  • Schroeder first met and jammed with de Backer at a Melbourne party, asking for a more sober collaboration.
  • Schroeder asked de Backer to sing "Long As I Can See The Light" by creedence Clearwater Revival.
  • The Basics' debut nods to both the grittier Kinks and the kind of white-boy reggae that a re-formed Police would envy, which is more prevalant on the first single, "Lookin' Over My Shoulder".
  • The Basics loves raw energy of classic '60's guitar pop.

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