Wednesday, May 6, 2009

old man can jump

bloody hell, damn, hell yeah!!  what an absurd things to do, days by days, hours, minutes counting down waiting for final exam when all the others had finished theirs. Depressing, 
frustrating witch of destruction, increasing the flow rate of my adrenaline, rising blood pressure bursting my brains out, RUN, Forrest, RUNN... thats what happen when you caught up doing crazy things when you are retard. My curse word DAMN!! always speech out cursing and babbling.. i wish i could have a time travel machine or something maybe i could just jump into a month later, lay down under the bright sun on the clean, wide beach, drinking lemonade and stuff.. scuba diving, surfing, burying people alive!! muahahaha but it all ended with fantasy and imagination afterall, and sunburnt of course. Boring o' boring, pathetic loser, crossing fingers, might hope a new life to change, to improve...

you are so young, my young padawan..wake up, your light sabers are charging waiting to serve you.. take it, take it and execute all the exam papers..DAMN it!! burn it all, burn it all!! (dreaming...) as always i woke up at 6am but just for a few moment shutting off the alarms hehe..but basically at 8am is my time to refreshing up, stretching, work out, exhale the freshness air but note with PIG sneeze, the next time you see the mirror your nose sure don't wanna have it haha.. Jogging?? naaa..just a morning bath with bubbles and aromatic shower foam.. clothes on, sitting in front the dull table, studying of course... exchanging study with sleeping, a perfect 8 hours straight till 5pm.. like always, basketball suits up, starting up my old buddy REMP-IT partner and off to the court.. 3 games straight of full court game where winners stays, hard to breath, no stamina, and lack of DUTCH LADY FRESH MILK haha..then here comes the old man!! THE OLD MAN!! joins the game. steal, turn, dribble, fastbreak, pass.... and here comes the old man flying from behind receiving ball..JUMP old man, JUMP!! and 2 points owned haha..

never ever you underestimate that an old man can jump even without his viagra and sticks..
but thats common, you know whats rare??

have you seen it daily??

DAMN!! thats new..


adlynndiyana. said...

part lepak beach n lemonade tu taley blaaaaaaaaaa
jum g vacay weyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :DD

PubLic_eNemY said...

tau xpeeeee.... jom ah weyyyyyy!!

adlynndiyana. said...

jum jum jum
perhentian doeeeeee
white sands, blue water, breezy wind, great companions
oh hella weyh :D