Monday, May 4, 2009

Mad man

me as a madman
wearing a masks of madness since i was born
yet now my masks was stolen from the midnight
by the cursed thief
i woke up being kissed by the sunshine of daylight
kissed on my naked face
felt warm and fresh
i need mask no more
blessed my thief you are

though i am mad yet so many questions tumbling down on my thoughts
to seek answer and truth
but in the end i found a brick wall of secrecy and lies
blocking my to paradise
i punched by a faithful fists
not even  a crack occur
and then i used the hammer of force
not even a brick fell down
i look down, deep in my virgin mind
deep, deep in my beating heart
i found a light
a thousand lights never found before
so pure and refreshing
come straight to my naked eye
throught the brick wall of secrecy and lies
i see my paradise behind
where my life should end there
i gave the circle of trust
strengthen by the force of my loved ones
and whom i trust
i look and see through the brick wall with hole
secrecy and lies may do be powerful
but weak in the eye of trust

come my fellow
the brick wall are falling down
falling to the ground of pathetic soil
lets walk together to the path of paradise
where stream and riverbank of happiness
flows through the garden of loyalty
come, walk by my side to the shining white light
warm and refreshing......

ouh siang da rupanya..pebenda aku mimpi smlm??

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