Sunday, May 3, 2009

bitch world

How does it feel when life's become biatch

your life gets ruined

your life gets disastreous

your life gets messy

your life gets depressed

but did you ever know, they do really colors your life

life ain't gonna be what you most desire

life's are unpredictable.....

at makes you stress till you feel like bitch??

girls? problem makers

money? find some!! bebeh!!

job? stand up and go for interviews

studies? hah you shoudn't mix that up..go shisha or whatever, make life shorter

exams? who don't do exams????

family problems? leave it to them..

c'mon bitch.. thats common.. people don't get away form this situation..find a way..

go out and get some fun!!

you can do what ever you want.. get out from that bitch world, man..

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