Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Home at last

well its nearly two weeks i've ended like statue in my own house..boring is an absolute word to describe my life during the semester holidays..well i finished my semester's final exam on 18th November, Tuesday... but i went home on the Saturday morning, held back finding some amusement to cure the dullness.. so i went to Greentown Mall which is situated in Ipoh, Perak to trade my phone to a new one..yeah, that's right i have my new phone now..Sony Ericsson K810i with 3.2 megapixel much more greater than the Motorola L7 with only VGA..daa~




That's all that i can describe..

Well, we planned to go for karok(karaoke) for the day left, but there was an unexpected incident came up which there were 2 students died on Thursday, 20th November 2008..
The cause of the death was from heart malfunction and the other had an accident, a motorcycle crashed with a buffalo.. Al-fatihah for them both..

Early in the morning of Friday, I accompanied Amer to go to the funeral in Klang..Here we go the 4 of us in Kancil along the highway..Very depressing haha but had enough joy back there.. There are one of us who known as "Boy" a final year student was with us that day.. The student that died from heart malfunction was a Silat student.. So, some of the Silat members came to give respect to the decease..

We need to go back to UTP early because Boy need to have exam the next day.. After the funeral settled, we rushed back but we stopped a moment in Kuala Selangor to eat..

d'station that's what it is called..

a bit silent for a restaurant, but it was evening.. after the sunset there will be loads of people watching soccer games through the large white screen there, left-side of the picture.. you better come early or you will even sit on the floor haha..

we ate a lot back there.. sup tulang, sup ekor, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar, sotong goreng tepung and drinks.. perghh sure meleleh.. very starving that time..but wait, Broo!! what happen to your face?? haha..

until it was Saturday, i went back home early in the morning with my parents..


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