Sunday, August 17, 2008

We won!!

Woaa!! we won today's basketball tournament by 42-36.. the Spalding's team loser.. 69 team ur da best.. you beat those guy's.. well, we're only wearing shirts, shorts and myself i wore the futsal shoes..wee~ The Spalding wore their yellow jersey showing their guts to play.. The game started like dull, the referee was talking outside the court said that we were wasting his time playing without expectation..well, hell yeah!! we all tired, no fitness, not game planning, some have no experience, all in all we don't know our team's ability..but, we played hard enough the next quarter. The next quarter was like a bit improvement about the scoring we manage to shorten the points distance from 10 to 5..They knew they're winning, but com'on man, we're not gonna let you win easily..Being modest and polite, i scored half of the points haha!! 3 point shooter!! layouts!! of those 42 points.

"Now you know our ability, guy's", "It's our showtime now", I was wondering at that time, my teammates are all exhausted, how am i gonna push my adrenalin to the limit lengthen our leading points. A bit wacky not playing basketball for a long time but naah!! I still can have the touch.. Woop!! 3points!! hehe

But, we won the last game only and lose other 3 games.. yeah, we played a bit different today, much more aggresive through the 2nd half and loads of fastbreak.. the timer shouted," 1 minutes and 42 second!!" it was like 36-34.. we have to keep up leading.. they can't make the shot when i was busy doing fastbreak going for straight 6 points of layout!! hehe

And then, Hooah!! We won at last..


Muhammad Irfan said...

still have the touch? hahahaa.

aRiDaN said...!

hydro said...

tq cos tlg bg mng..~ stu pun ok la kn~..tq

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