Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh My God!!

oh my god!! i got rashes all over my body.. i met da doc and she said either i got bit or allergic to something.. how come? i'm hygienic and clean person.. it must be allergic to something but what?? food? naah.. but doc said i must 'pantang' seafood and stuff like that, what am i gonna eat? just bread? i'm losing weight again huhu.. this thing become itchy and burning my skin off.. please god help me!! i don't feel very well, how am i gonna finish my homework this way.. i got 3 bottle of dose injection at my hurts man!! btw nothing else can help me cure the illness.. just take the shot!!

Tuesday, 5th August,
i donated my blood which is a B type at Pocket D where clumsy nurse handled my donation.. it was the 3rd time i had donated my blood, however, suddenly it became the disastrous day of my life.. like always, fill up the form, measure my blood pressure, my weight, and off to the bed to flow my precious blood. after 7 minutes sharp, the bag was full and i'm ready to pull off the needle..the chinese nurse put a cotton at my needle spot and ask to bend my arm.. after a minute i thought that i felt wet at my arm and when i looked at it, OH MY GOD!! i was bleeding and the blood flows like water in drain.. the clumsy nurse forgot to put off the pump pressure, no wonder the blood keeps on flowing..urghh!! what a damn thing..the nurse shocked and worried of course tried to clean up the mess.. there were loads of blood.. haihz but then free tiger biscuit, milo, and orange fed me up..i forgot to have breakfast b4 the donation..

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